Create read-only product grid for requisition


This task is for creating the primary product grid that will be displayed on a requisition's page. This element should be implemented as an Angular Directive that creates a table that matches the style made in v2.

The product grid should take the following inputs:

  • Products: The list of products to be display for this requisition

  • Columns: The list of table columns that will have information displayed on them

  • Editable: A boolean reflecting if the user can edit the information in the grid

Ideally the products input should contain the generic product information, along with requisition specific information. If this doesn't make sense with the underlying data model, please amend this ticket.

The columns list should be pulled from the requisition's template API. Ignore adding conditional behavior around columns such as "Approved Quantity"

For this ticket, a grid that displays a zero "0" in each cell is perfectly acceptable, as editing or saving data into the product grid/requisition is out of scope for the ticket.

Specific formatting and validation rules for each column will be addressed as a seperate ticket.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Product grid is visible on requistion page

  • There is a value in each cell (if set)


Sebastian Brudziński


Nick Reid



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