Product grid auto-calculates inventory fields


On the requisition screen, if a user is able to edit the requisition, calculable numeric fields will auto-calculate in the following way.

User inputs the following information (or it is calculated based on requisition template selections) to complete the simple requisition form. The fields/columns that appear on this screen are determined by the requisition template. Which columns are calculated or entered (input fields) is determined by the requisition template. The requisition template is configured during the setup and implementation period.

For 3.0 Beta, this set of fields is the only requisition template configuration that we are supporting and showcasing.

Basic inventory fields
A. Beginning Balance (user input)
B. Total Received Quantity (user input or calculated A + B (+/-) D - E) - reference the "Configuration Requisition Template" excel doc (attached in ) for list of attributes.
C. Total Consumed Quantity (user input)
D. Total Losses / Adjustments (user input)
E. Stock on Hand ((user input or calculated A + B (+/-) D - C) - reference the "Configuration Requisition Template" excel doc for list of attributes.

Error messages will be displayed in OLMIS-1124, this ticket should add error messages in a similar style

Calculation errors include:

  • Stock in hand cannot be negative

  • Total consumed quantity cannot be negative

  • Quantity dispensed cannot be negative (I believe this should be "consumed quantity")

  • Quantity dispensed, beginning balance, quantity received, total losses and adjustments, stock in hand are all numeric

  • Quantity dispensed must equal beginning balance + quantity received +/- total losses/adjustments - stock in hand

Acceptance Criteria

  • Calculation done properly

  • Calculation errors displayed correctly


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