Product grid is editable


A user with access to the current state of the requisition is able to enter values within the product grid.

These values are bound to a data element in the RequisitionController such that the field values will be saved when a user presses the 'save' button. Ideally this means extending the product grid directive to support angular's ngModel directive. The accessible value should be what is expected by the Requisition Service API.

There are two type of fields in this grid, numeric and text. The type of field placed in the grid is determined by the column type loaded into the product grid directive.

  • Numeric field ignore non-number based inputs. In V2 there was a warning that was displayed when a user entered a non-numeric character which should be ignored for the scope of this ticket.

  • Text fields are short character entry fields that allow a user to enter an explanation. These fields should be about 3 times as wide as numeric fields.

If a field is 'required', as defined by the column type, then the input will have a red border when the input loses focus and the input's value is null or an empty string.

Acceptance Criteria

  • There are two types of different inputs

  • Numeric inputs don't allow the input of non-numeric characters

  • Data entered into this field is bound elsewhere (which will be difficult to QA before is completed, but a review that states this feature exists is good enough)


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