Create regular requisition for period from Initialize Requisition screen


The initiate/authorize requisition view should allow users to initiate a requisition for the oldest period from the retrieved schedule. After selecting the program and the facility, the periods should be retrieved from the schedule assigned to that combination. The period table for regular requisitions displays all the entries for periods that do not have any requisition started yet and for periods with requisitions in initiated and submitted state. In case there's a requisition pending, it is not possible to initiate a new one (only one proceed button at all times, unless there are no periods defined). Clicking proceed on the period that does not have a requisition started initiates the requisition (status = INITIATED) and shows user the created requisition view.

Acceptance criteria:

  • After selecting a Program and a Facility a table displaying the periods is shown

  • The table displays only periods that do not have a requisition started yet and periods that have an INITIATED or SUBMITTED requisition associated

  • If a requisition has not been started yet for the given period, the status says "Not yet started" or similar, indicating that the requisition does not exist yet

  • The periods are sorted ascending by date (oldest date at the top)

  • The proceed button is only shown for the oldest existing period in the given schedule

  • Clicking proceed button redirects user to the requisition view page. If the requisition did not exist for that period yet, it is created and its status is set to INITIATED


Sebastian Brudziński


Nick Reid



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