API initiate requisition beginning balance calculation


When a user initiates a requisition, the Beginning Balance fields should auto-populate from the previous period's requisition data. Currently it does auto-populate, but with the wrong value.

The correct value to auto-populate beginning balance is:

(those previous period balances come from the previous period's requisition*)

*Notes: Mary Jo says there will always be a previous period's requisition (the system doesn't allow you to start a new period's requisition until your previous period's one is approved); Mary Jo also says that even when a system is newly implemented they will load in ~3 months of past data; but just in case there is no previous period requisition data then beginning balance would start at zero)

Steps to Reproduce

  • Initiate a new requisition for any Month (eg JUNE).

  • For some product, add some numbers into the columns to consume and receive some quantity, make an adjustment too, and then also add a Requested Quantity. Make note of what numbers you have in all those fields, especially Stock On Hand and Requested Quantity.

  • Submit, Authorize, and Approve that requisition and fill in the Approved Quantity with whatever quantity you had requested.

  • NOW start a new requisition for the following month (eg JULY).

  • When you initiate this new requisition, look at the beginning balance for the same product. It should be calculated based on the previous month Stock On Hand + previous month Approved Quantity. Currently, it seems like the beginning balance is not taking into account the Approved Quantity nor the Adjustments (which are part of the Stock On Hand). Perhaps the adjustments column is still under construction (may be related to in progress work on ).





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