API for configuring Unit/Unit of Issue (U)


This sub-task is for the API improvements needed to support the Unit/Unit of Issue (U) requisition field for the template (column in the product grid). The APIs should be updated to support admins configuring this field on their requisition template by program, and then to allow users to initiate and save/submit a requisition with this column on it.
Acceptance Criteria
Verify that:

  • in the APIs for configuring a requisition template, this new field can be added into the requisition template (by an admin with permissions to configure the template for their program)

  • if this field is NOT configured/associated to a requisition template, it does not appear on the requisition form

  • the field can be configured with a display order that controls where it appears on the requisition

  • in the APIs for initiating and saving a requisition, if this field is part of the template, then this field appears on the requisitions. Its display order should be based on the requisition template.

  • this field is view only field, source is from reference data (it is the dispensing unit)

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Jakub Kondrat


Mary Jo Kochendorfer





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