UI: Packs to Ship (V)


Acceptance Criteria

  • if this field is on the requisition template for a given program, then when you initiate a requisition the field will show up in the UI based on the display order applied in the requisition template.

  • this field is a calculated field (read-only)

  • field is calculated based on when J is entered in the initiated and submitted state

  • filed is calculated based on when K is entered in the authorized state

  • Calculation

    • Initiated: J / packsize and rounding rules applied. (where J = requested quantity (in dispensing units) )

    • Submitted: J / packsize and rounding rules applied. (where J = requested quantity (in dispensing units) )

    • Authorized (or in approvals) : K / packsize , with rounding rules applied. (where K = final approval quantity (in dispensing units) )

NOTE: You can view this logic in Essential Meds

product's pack size, pack rounding threshold, and round to zero attributes. Pack size is the number of dispensing units in a pack (aka primary package) where a pack is the indivisible packaging of a product that can be shipped. The pack rounding threshold then works like this: if I say I have 20 pills (each pill a dispensing unit) on hand from a product whose pack is 50 pill bottle of Ibuprofen 500mg, and that product’s pack rounding threshold is 20, then I need to order a new pack. If the threshold was 30, I wouldn’t. If however that rounding threshold results in 0 packs being ordered, like in the previous example, I can toggle the round to zero attribute to be false to ensure that I’m always ordering at least one pack if my pack rounding threshold might leave me with none.



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