Confirm order fulfillment and finalize shipment


As a DIVO, I want to confirm my fulfillment of an order, so that the system knows the shipment is finalized (shipment draft is converted to a finalized shipment), the associated order is shipped, and my SOH levels are updated to reflect the decremented stock.

Open Question: when does my, DIVO, stock on hand get updated? Answer: At the moment the "Confirm" button is pushed to make a shipment.

This ticket deals with what happens when a user clicks on the button to finish fulfilling an order, after picking and packing from the storeroom and confirming fill quantities.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • The shipment associated with the order is finalized (draft is converted to a finalized shipment)

  • DIVO cannot edit fill quantities after the shipment is finalized

  • Fulfilling facility's SOH for all shipped products is automatically updated to reflect decremented stock

  • A POD is generated and the user is sent to the POD screen (This will be addressed in later ticket )

  • DIVO can see the shipped order in the View Orders List

  • Order status is changed to "Shipped"

  • "Confirm" button will change the shipment from a draft to a confirmed shipment

    • A modal will be shown after pressing the button to confirm the user's action

    • Loading modal will be shown

    • If successfully confirmed, the user is redirected to the orders list page and a success message is shown


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