Skip a requisition period


As a storeroom manager, I want to skip a requisition period (or multiple) within a specific program schedule so that I can quickly create a requisition for current period and order my appropriate supplies to serve the patients.

Skipped requisitions should be ignored when retrieving previous requisitions is done.

Acceptance Criteria

  • the user can manually skip an entire R&R for a period for regular requisitions

  • skipping emergency requisitions is not possible (API does not allow it and UI does not show the corresponding button)

  • the system tracks the skipped period with the relevant status

  • the user is notified that skipping an R&R means you will NOT be able to go back and create a requisition for that period

  • the user confirms the "skip a period" action before it is completed

  • A loading modal is shown between confirmation modal, and browser redirect to initialize requisition screen

How this relates to other tickets:

  • There is an API that Admins can use to configure enable/disable skipping by program:

  • When skipping is enabled, this ticket contains the sub-tasks for the API and UI work needed to provide the "Skip this period" functionality.

  • There is also a feature to skip an individual product on the requisition form:

  • Skipping regimen/program data is a separate story:

  • Skipping is also mentioned in

  • And there is a wiki page about the /skip and /skipped v2 and v3 endpoints:

Skipping and calculations based on previous requisitions

  • Beginning balance is not brought in if the previous requisition is skipped uses the last available requisition (not-skipped)

  • Average Consumption (P) ignores skipped requisitions and does not use them in the calculation (average done out of less items)


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