Generate Pick Pack list PDF for printing


As a DIVO, I need to print my Pick Pack list so that I can use it as a guide for what specific trade items / lots of what quantities need to be packed for the shipment.

Note: After I generate the pick pack list PDF the first time for an order, I might still return to update fill quantities and/or lot numbers multiple more times and generate the associated updated pick pack list before I confirm the shipment. (On my trip to the store room to pack the cooler I may notice updates in my physical inventory quantity of VVM status and need to update the fill quantities accordingly.)

Acceptance criteria:
Verify That

  • User can generate Pick Pack list at any time and will print out the quantities input by the user

  • When user generates a Pick Pack list, clicks the button, a new tab opens up with a PDF of the line items and fill quantities listed on the page at the time of clicking

  • User may regenerate Pick Pack list multiple times for the same order/draft shipment and the PDF will be updated to reflect the fill quantities on the View Order screen.

    • The pick/pack list always reflects the quantities and trade items that the DIVO has set on the View Order Screen. E.g. If the DIVO changes a trade item's fill quantity from 200 to 300, the old value of 200 is replaced and the new generated pick/pack list will show 300.

  • The PDF shows itemized line items for each trade item/orderable/lot, their fill quantities and any packing notes associated with those items

  • The PDF appears as shown in mockup (to be attached)
    **Fill Quantity (vials) is calculated using net content similar to how pack rounding works in Requisitions
    **Dispensing Unit Unit of Issue is pulled from the dispensing unit string UoI value in the system. If it is blank, value can be blank.

  • Generate Pick Pack List button appears as shown in UI mockup

  • Test case is associated with this ticket


  • Order quantity is current in doses (aka dispensing units). Fill quantities on the screen are also current in doses. Later we will have a ticket to toggle views between doses and vials/packs. This PDF view will show the Fill Quantity in both Doses and Vials/Packs. Order quantity is in pack size already, so fill quantities in the pick pack list should also be in vial units (primary packaging)

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