Stockout Rate Report - STUB


As a national logistician I want to have a report that gives me visibility into what facilities have had stock outs by scheduled period so that I can view trends in stock availability, do root cause analysis, and prevent stock outs in the future.

Definition: The number of re-supply periods in which a stockout event per stock item occurs at a store or facility. This does not measure duration of the stockout. A stockout event indicates that a facility or store has zero usable stock (stock that is not expired, broken, or exceeded VMM stage) available.

Rationale: Stockouts are highly sensitive and readily measurable across stores and points-of-service. It is highly actionable in that it informs both immediate corrective action and root-cause analysis.

Data Required:
(1) Ad hoc stockouts reported,
(2) Routine stock counts of zero,
(3) Resupply periods as denominator

Acceptance Criteria:
1. Can filter by facility / program / product / scheduling period
2. Only displays facilities which I have permission to see their stock levels
3. Only displays facilities that have a stockout of 1+ products
4. Displays or allows drill-down to view stocked out products




Jake Watson


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