Create a Program


As an admin I want to add a new program, so that the program exists in OpenLMIS.

Acceptance Criteria:

  1. New button to "Add Program" on the Administration > Programs page

  2. When admin clicks the Add Program button they are directed to a modal for creating the new program

  3. The following fields are required when creating a new program: Program Name (text field), Program code (text field).

  4. The following selections are available when creating a new program:

    1. Program is Active (this is defaulted to checked, but the admin can uncheck this)

    2. Program Description is an optional text field

    3. Display Non Full Supply Tab is defaulted as unselected

    4. Allow Skipping Periods is defaulted as unselected

    5. Enable field for Date Physical Stock Count Completed is defaulted as unselected

  5. When the user clicks Save, and the save is successful, they receive a message confirming the new program was created successfully and are directed back to the Administration > Programs page.

  6. The Program Code must be a unique code. If the program code entered is not unique, the user will see a form-level error message (per UI style guide) that says: "Program code 'xxx' already exists. Please enter a unique Program code." Then they will click OK, and be directed back to the modal that shows the input-level error message on the Program Code field.

  7. When the user corrects this and submits, they receive a message confirming the new program was created successfully.

  8. Test case is created and linked to this ticket, and labeled as Administration. (Or if there is an existing test case for programs, it should be updated to include this process.)

Mockup located here:


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