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Vidya Sampath
November 3, 2016, 6:16 AM

One thing to note – as discussed during call with Mary Jo and Rachel – some countries might be okay with capturing this in OpenLMIS, but most will already be collecting immunization coverage and administration data in a parallel reporting system – it could be as simple as an Excel/Access type system or a hyper local LMIS set up by a country, or as often the case now, collected via DHIS2. If so, these countries will not be interested in subjecting people to data burden by also having to record it in OpenLMIS. But to have forecast/requisition be data-based, OpenLMIS reports will have to also show 'use" data which is the coverage information and will have to figure out how to get this data if it's in another system. Should that be a separate ticket/story under reporting?




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