Add user control for AppCache


Problem statemetn: In SELV, a constant pain point was dealing with a web browser's "AppCache" functionality, which stores the OpenLMIS-UI to work offline.

As a user, I want to be able to see my build number and update my angular (web page) application to the latest build.

The problems were:

  • User's never knew if there was a new version of the UI

  • User's didn't know there was a new UI version, and would report bugs about the old UI

  • Clearing the cached files in FireFox was difficult for users (because its bad)

  • Chrome automatically updates the cached files, which would cause users to run out of data

Mock Ups
Build date in displayed in UI header

Date with error alert

Update modal

Acceptance Criteria

  • Created date is placed on UI in visible location

    • Created date reads "Software last updated on DATE"

    • Created date is formatted with the date filter, so the date matches other dates in the system

  • Use appcache api to

    • Show update modal on UI when there are new UI versions

      • Modal must have warning that all cached data will be deleted

      • Update On Logout button is visible (is effectively cancel button, as Update will happen on Logout)

    • Change info icon next to build date to error icon

      • Clicking on "Software last updated on DATE" when there is a new version, will open the update modal

    • When User clicks "Update Now" or user logs out

      • All local data is deleted

      • User is logged out

      • Loading modal is shown with text "Updating OpenLMIS"


Nikodem Graczewski


Nick Reid


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