View and modify ideal stock amounts by facility


As a DIVO, I want to view and modify the Ideal Stock Amounts for each product (orderable) at my facility so that I can report stock according to plan. (This impacts the reordering and fulfillment amounts.)

  1. Open Question: When user selects View, they are able to select a Geographic Level (a District or a Region) from an available dropdown list.

  2. Open Question: need to the View displays a table of all data configured in the system for the selected Geographic Level. See attached UI mockup for View table. Table conforms to UI styleguide for pagination. Default sort is alphabetical by Geographic Level, Facility, then Product.

  3. Open Question: Is there a certain time period that a user can do this? How does a user know they can make edits? How does the system know edits can be made? Can edits be made ahead of time and scheduled? What are the time restrictions? Example: If date equals current period then ISA cannot be changed? How frequently are the ISAs updated?

  4. Open Question: Do you want to see historical amounts?

  5. Open Question: Will users want to redistribute doses across facilities in a district or region vs by year and facility?

  6. The Default View table will display top 10 sorted by Geographic Level, Facility, then Product based on the user's supervised facility permissions. (For example, a DIVO can view their assigned district's facilities, a RIVO can view their assigned Regional facilities.)


  • ISA is by commodity type and facility

  • New right will need to be created for user to make these updates

  • Applied to periods

  • Approved product list

  • Auditing: who changed it, what it was previously, when it was changed

Edge case:

  • What if no ISA exists? Does the system remind us when there is no ISA (null)?


Sam Im
September 29, 2017, 12:00 AM

Here is the first mockup




Mary Jo Kochendorfer