Facility annual needs dashboard


As a DIVO, I want to see an overview dashboard of the annual needs for each facility in my purview so that I can have easy access to information on needs to better inform my decision-making related to resupply.

Acceptance criteria:

  • This dashboard is accessed by navigating to ______to be confirmed___________???

  • There are two tables that appear on the dashboard page. They are titled:

    • General information

    • Vaccine needs information

  • The column headers for the General Information dashboard table are:

    • Total population in catchment area

    • Proportion of children 0-11 months

    • Proportion of survival

    • Proportion of pregnant women

  • The column headers for the Vaccine Need Information table are:

    • Antigens

    • Period needs

    • Max stock

    • Min stock

  • The row headers for the Vaccine Need Information table are:

    • BCG

    • VPO

    • Penta

    • PCV

    • VPI

    • Hepititis B

    • VAR

    • VAT

  • Field values are provided to the system by the administrator. These are NOT fields that a user will enter while on this page. Everything is pre-loaded.

  • UI matches mockup

  • Open Question: Where should this dashboard sit in the workflow? Always available as a modal? Or more like the homepage for resupply?




Rachel Powers