View & Verify SOH at sublevel


As a DIVO, I want to view and verify the stock on hand for the facility that I must resupply so that I can have an accurate calculation of how much stock I should send them in order to fit their needs.

If a facility is outside of OpenLMIS, I will need to enter in their reported SOH manually. This SOH will have been previously verified by the head nurse. This manual entry will take place on another page.

If the facility is within OpenLMIS, the SOH will already be entered into the system.

The resupplier will need to do analysis of SOH at sublevel. This should happen outside of OpenLMIS but needs to be approved within the system. Listing subtasks here for reference.
(Review & verify:

  • vaccination records

  • number of doses used

  • declared SOH

  • declared losses/wastage

  • DVD-MT

  • Compare LMIS data vs HMIS data. Do they match?

Once the questions have been answered, changes have been made, then finalize with signature/approval




Rachel Powers