Newly created user doesn't receive a password reset link


Background: Any time a user was updated they received a reset password email. So in we removed the functionality to send a reset password email when a user is created or updated. The use cases for reset password are:

  1. When new user is created, the Admin is required to either enter a password by selecting "Manually Reset Password" and entering a valid password, or selecting "Send Reset Password email". (Change "Send Reset Password" button to a radio button select - see mockup.)

  2. When existing user forgets their password, and the user has an email, the admin can log in and click the Reset Password button. The Reset Password modal has a radio button to select the "Send reset email" that emails them a link to reset their password.

  3. When an existing user's details are edited and saved, the admin is not prompted to set a password, and no email is sent to the user to reset a password.


  1. No changes to this process: When existing user forgets their password, they can reset their password using the Forgot Password link. The Forgot Password button emails them a link to reset their password.

Edge case/bad behavior:

  • A new user can be created that has no email AND no password set. The admin doesn't know if a password exists for the user. The user can't log in. This ticket should fix that problem.

  • When creating a new user, the button says "Reset Password" but the admin is actually creating a password, and this can be confusing. Should we change the Reset Password label? Any suggestions?


Łukasz Lewczyński


Nikodem Graczewski

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