R&R input boxes don't resize correctly


In certain sequences of entering multiple long strings or numbers, The field is not resizing after a large number or string is entered.

Expected: The boxes / column widths will resize to fit the number input once the user exits the field.
Bug: Sometimes the boxes / columns don't resize. They stay way too long and only snap back into place after clicking into another box (sometimes) or refreshing the page.

Steps to Reproduce (reproduced in Chrome on Mac)
0. Clear your browser cache and use UAT site (3.2.1-RC1).
1. Log in as 'srmanager1' (or any user who fills out Requisitions)
2. Navigate to Requisitions > Create/Authorize
3. Select my facility (Nandumbo Health Center) and Family Planning Program, click Search.
4. For the top Requisition period, click Proceed. If there is already a requisition in progress, DELETE it. You want to start fresh with "Not Yet Started" before you click Proceed. This will make sure no existing columns have long data.
5. In the Requisition Form, you will paste in a sequence of long entries in using the steps as follows...
6. Get a long string with no numbers in your copy-paste clipboard, EG "long text going into this field with lots of letters and no numbers"
7. In Beginning Balance for first product, paste that long string. The field will immediately get wider and show your string briefly.
8. The field will quickly erase your string, leaving a blank field with a cursor. The field is still wide at this point. The field has an error "This field is required" and the row turns red. (I believe this is acceptable behavior so far.)
9. Tab to the next field, Total Received Quantity.
10. ERROR: The Beginning Balance field is still too wide. The expected behavior was for it to collapse back down when we left the field. Even if you tab out of this row into the next row, that field field never resizes smaller. The row stays red, which is correct.
Note: If you do type in a new, shorter beginning balance (e.g. '4'), that field will shrink down properly.

To recreate: Open R&R and add a number and a lot of text into the column, tab to the next column, enter another large number. The column will clear the text data, but the column doesn't resize.






Rachel Powers


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