Create Simple Requisition (from physical inventory)


Goal: DIVO can create a simple requisition. The simple requisition includes information that is populated from the physical inventory.

Background: rather than inputting all the information into the requisition the stock card data populates the stocking information.

Acceptance Criteria:

  1. As a DIVO I can navigate to create a simple requisition.

  2. The selected Facility, Program, and Processing Period appear on the page to select. The default Facility and Program should match the Facility and Program that were used to submit the Physical Inventory. The Processing Period is pulled from the requisitions service.

  3. When I select the Facility, Program, and Processing Period, I can click Proceed to create a simple requisition.

  4. The current requisition processing period is the only processing period that I can select.

  5. The requisition product grid is visible and is pre-populated with the following data from stock management: Opening and Closing Balance from Stock on Hand for the period start and end dates, All adjustment transactions for the period start and end dates, Received quantities from all receipts for the period start and end dates.

  6. Create test case in Zephyr
    (This ticket only includes directing the user to a new page for creating the requisition and pre-populating data from the submitted physical inventory. Validating the page with the Requisition Product Grid calculations for a simple requisition is a separate story.)


  • System is configured with access to both Requisition and Stock Management services

  • Simple requisition is populated with data for all products listed in physical inventory. If no stock card, then product does not exist on simple requisition.

  • Adding products to the simple requisition will be a separate ticket

  • Use requisition processing schedules

  • Configuration of the simple requisition template is a separate ticket

  • Consumption calculations for the product grid is a separate ticket

  • Saving as a draft is out of scope for this ticket

  • Showing the list of historical simple requisitions is out of scope for this ticket




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