Allow product substitutions through Product Groupings


As a warehouse clerk I want to be able to substitute equivalent products I have on hand for requested products that come come to me as orders so that I can fill orders and get products to the facilities that need them.

Two specific use cases:
1. Different presentation of the same drug - 100 x 600mg ibuprofen was requested, I only have 300mg ibuprofen so I'll substitute 200 x 300mg ibuprofen instead when filling the order
2. Different drug with the same treatment uses - Someone requested 100 doses of doxycycline (a once a day malaria prophylaxis), I only have malarone (a once a week malaria prophylaxis), instead I can supply 15 malarone.

Needs more research to see if this is desirable


Mary Jo Kochendorfer
July 28, 2016, 4:37 PM

This ticket is slotted for 3.0 not 3.0 Beta. Let's not start on this yet.




Jake Watson

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