Toggle between viewing values in doses or vials (for SOH and order quantity)


As Philomena, I want the option of seeing certain elements of the order details in either vials OR doses so that I can have a better understanding of the needs of the facility to be fulfilled.

The fields and screens I want to be able to see in either vials or doses are:

Note: We want to only allow the toggle between vials and doses to show for the prepopulated, uneditable fields of SOH and Order quantity. We do not allow it for Fill quantity, because that would run the risk of a DIVO entering a fill quantity value that they meant to insert as doses but that actually gets saved into the shipment as vials. Later in separate tickets we may want to add this toggle ability to other fields on other screens. It should be built in a re-usable way with an example in the UI Style Guide.

Doses are also called dispensing units. These are the quantities currently used in Requisition quantities in Requisition service and Order quantities in Fulfillment service and Stock On Hand quantities in Stock Management service. All products in Reference Data has a "netContent" value to say how many dispensing units is in a "pack". For vaccines, Packs are also called Vials. Vials is the term users want to see on the screen for vaccines. Packs is the term users want to see on the screen for all others.

Acceptance Criteria

  • View Orders details page shows these two quantities with a toggle between vials (Packs) and doses

  • UI Style Guide has an example of this toggle between doses and vials (Packs)

  • Both "Order Quantity" and "Stock on Hand" column headers should have a popover with information whether the quantities are provided in dispensing units or in packs. It should also have the 'i' icon indicating that the popover is there (similar to the requisition product grid)

  • , please add the AC of adding the indicating that SOH is in packs or dispensing units

  • If possible, OpenLMIS remembers the users selection and defaults to it next time

  • Default is in Packs

  • Tested and works with our EPI demo data (netContent parameter means how many doses are in a vial/pack)

    • Developers, please add a testing plan. We have demo data with netContent = 10 and 20 for vaccines EPI program.


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