Calculate Available SOH by taking into account resupplier's ISAs


Story option 1: As a DIVO, I want to see the amount of stock I have that is in addition to my own upcoming period needs so that I can resupply another facility during local fulfillment and still keep enough stock on hand in my own facility for my own needs.

Story option 2: As a DIVO, I want the "Available SOH" data element to show the SOH I have after my own upcoming period needs are subtracted from SOH so that I am not in danger of sending away the stock I require for my own facility's needs.

I want to see the amount of stock I have available for resupply. "Available SOH" is different from "SOH" because it accounts for my upcoming period needs. This should be automatically calculated for me.

This should be a data element on the View Order page in local fulfillment.

Open questions:

  • What is the correct amount to subtract in the formula? "ISA for the next period" or Consumption (AMC?)? At facilities that serve patients and also supply other facilities, does ISA capture both of those needs or does it separate out my local consumption from the quantity I can use for resupply?

  • Is the buffer stock the same as ISA? Do I always need the ISA amount?

  • Does the formula also take into account the 'lead time' for my next resupply? Like if I am 6 weeks away from my next shipment, my local consumption may be large; but if I am 2 days away from it, my local consumption will be smaller. This timing issue may be related to the Pipeline concept, OLMIS-3890.

Available SOH = SOH - ISA for next period (TBD--see open questions above)




Rachel Powers