Fix POD model design to associate with shipment, not order


Currently, our ProofOfDelivery is associated with an order, not a shipment. We need to fix the model.

Additionally, a POD line item also points to an order line item, which should be removed.

For external fulfillment, this affects:

  • Creating a POD when creating an order, will need to be removed (only for local orders, for external orders there should shipment and POD)

  • Manage POD screen

Acceptance Criteria

  • Change POD model to be associated with a shipment, not an order

  • Requisition initialization for consumption based requisition works.

  • A migration for Order-based Proofs of Delivery is added.

  • Remove association of POD line item to an order line item

  • Remove logic of creating a POD when an order is created

  • Remove quantityShipped from ProofOfDeliveryLineItem

  • Remove replacedProductCode from ProofOfDeliveryLineItem

  • Add Proof of Delivery status field

  • ProofOfDelivery has the following fields

    • shipment - a reference to the Shipment

    • status - the status of the Proof of Delivery (confirmed/not)

    • lineItems - a list of ProofOfDeliveryLineItems

    • receivedBy

    • deliveredBy

    • receivedDate

  • ProofOfDeliveryLineItem has the following fields

    • quantityAccepted (this is in packs not in dispensing units)

    • quantityRejected (this is in packs not in dispensing units)

    • rejectionReason - program-based, negative reasons coming from the stock management, this field will be used in

    • notes

    • orderable - a reference to the orderable

    • lot - a reference to the lot

    • vvmStatus - vvmStatus read when receiving stock (part of SOP), this should not point to orderable.extraData (this model is wrong), this field will be used in



Łukasz Lewczyński


Chongsun Ahn


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