Configure Order Number for Export


Allows configuration of order numbers via a template. When an order file is generated the order number template will be used to generate a unique order number for that specific order. Remember that an order is created once the requisition is approved (and will always be associated with that requisition)

As an implementor, I want to configure how order numbers are generated so that order numbers follow an to match the expected input for the ERP system.

The description of which can be found in the OpenLMIS Configuration Guide in the section, "Setup the order-number format and EDI file format". The "configuring the format for Order Number" section is the requirements for this story, mainly:

  • ability to specify Order number prefix (optional)

  • ability to specify Program code (optional)

  • ability to specify regular/emergency suffix (optional)

  • UUID

The order number generated for each order should match the 1.0/2.0 functionality, and applies to all orders generated by OpenLMIS, regardless of program.

Acceptance Criteria

  • template allows an implementor to designate an order number prefix (8 alphanumeric characters)

  • template allows an implementor to select (and deselect) the program code to be used

    • if selected, the program code is generated within the order number

  • template must include the sequence code (see 2.0 and make sure sequence code is being generated the same way) when the order number is generated

  • template allows an implementor to select (and deselect) the regular/emergency suffix

    • if selected, an R or E is generated within the order number

  • when the template is exercised (via API) an order number is generated based on the user defined criteria

  • order number is generated when the warehouse manager 'coverts' the requisition to order

  • the order file contains the generated order number

Please ask if you have any questions on the acceptance criteria or the desired behavior.


Paweł Gesek


Mary Jo Kochendorfer


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