Demo Data Audit (for GAVI and 3.3)


Refer to the demo scripts located here:


  1. EPI requisition templates should be configured with the following:

    • (note EPI program already has 2 requisition templates--1 for bottom loop Health Facility to divo and 2nd for top loop divo to rivo/national)

    • Both templates "Enable stock cards" flag turned on

    • Both ISA columns set to display

    • For "EPI" requisition template (2nd top loop one) turn off the columns to have the same limited set of columns as "Vaccine Stock-Based R&R Template" one (1st bottom loop). Mary Jo requested this because we currently do not support those other columns for a stocked based requisition.

  2. User divo1 should be able to edit CCE inventory at Lurio facility.

    • CCE Manager role will be given at Cuamba district, the supervisory node above Lurio. (Confirming with Mary Jo that is OK for divo1 to edit CCE inventory at all facilities in the district.)

    • To achieve this, we removed the CCE Viewer role at Cuamba, and changed CCE Manager role from divo1's home facility up to Cuamba district Supervisory Node.

  3. Create 'vnurse1' user at Lurio who can record stock movements.

  4. User rivo needs Delivery Approval role (Manage PODs right) at Niassa Province Supervisory Node.

    • This allows them to view the POD for the delivery that divo1 accepted at Cuamba District.

    • Note: For now, we only have a Manage PODs right, not a different right for view-only. In the future, when we have a separate View and Edit POD right, we probably only want RIVO to be able to view at the Supervisory Node and Edit at their home facility.

  5. Fix facility name from "Dep—sito" to "Depósito"

    • The correct character is a unicode "oacute" (decimal 243, hex 00F3)

  6. User divo1 can initiate and submit/approve an EPI requisition for 2017Q4.

    • Change FTAP lists and the 3 existing approved requisitions from HFs to remove Gas, remove 2 Diluents (Intervax BCG Diluent and MMR II Diluent), and change the Trade Items into Commodity Types (safetybox, syringe5ml, syringe05ml, syringe005ml).

    • Make requisitions for previous periods (2017Q1, Q2, Q3) from divo1 at Depósito Distrital Cuamba, so 2017Q4 will be ready to initiate next (during the live demo).

    • Make sure Physical Inventory exists for EPI products during or prior to November 2017 so divo1 can initiate 2017Q4 without doing a Physical Inventory (during the live demo).

    • Processing periods do not need to change. Demo data already has processing periods for all of 2017 and 2018 for both the monthly (loop 1) and quarterly (loop 2) schedules. But previous demo data does not have any requisitions for loop 2 (from divo Depósito Distrital Cuamba to rivo).

    • Note: We are not doing anything to set up demo for Lurio initiate a requisition, because Lurio demo will be done in OpenSRP and will directly create an order instead. Previous demo data has nobody with Requisition permissions at home facility Lurio. Furthermore, it would force you to initiate Feb2017 period because demo data does not have monthly requisition from Lurio for each month up until present day (Feb2018 at time of GAVI demo). (Confirming with Mary Jo in comments on wiki page.)

  7. Enable 'skip authorization step' program setting for EPI requisitions.


Brandon Bowersox-Johnson


Sam Im





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