It's impossible to approve or reject requisitions


I noticed an issue during the execution of OLMIS-2766. After executing all steps but the last one, which I managed to execute only partially - I initiated, submitted and authorized a regular requisition for Family Planning and Kankao Health Facility as administrator - I tried to approve the requisition. After clicking the "Approve" button, the errors from the screenshot occurred. The same errors occur after clicking the "Reject" button. The same issues happen also for Essential Meds and emergency requisitions.

EDIT: After doing further research, it turned out that also other users can't approve or reject requisitions for any of their supervised facilities, even home facilities - e.g. divo1, dsrmanager or psupervisor .

Reproduction steps:

1. Complete all steps but the last one from OLMIS-2766.
2. As administrator, initiate, submit and authorize a requisition for any program supported by the Kankao Health Facility.
3. Try to approve the requisition.
4. The errors from the first screenshot appear.
5. Try to reject the requisition.
6. The loading modal occurs with information that the requisition has a newer version on the server.
7. Refresh the page.
8. Try to reject the requisition.
9. The errors from the second screenshot appear.






Joanna Bebak