It's possible to submit and authorize a requisition without requested quantity and requested quantity explanation


During the execution of OLMIS-2914, I noticed that it's possible to submit and authorize a requisition for which all required data for a given line item are entered yet the "Requested quantity" and "Requested quantity explanation" can be left blank - no errors occur, the requisition is submitted/authorized successfully.

Reproduction steps:
1. Initiate a regular requisition for any program for Comfort Health Clinic.
2. Skip all line items but one.
3. Enter values in all fields but "Requested quantity" and "Requested quantity explanation".
4. Submit the requisition.
5. The requisition is submitted successfully.
6. Return to the requisition and authorize it.
7. The requisition is authorized successfully.




Joanna Bebak
April 9, 2018, 11:59 AM

I checked, and yes, the column was visible. I didn't know that in such a case it's not required to leave those fields as null. I'll mark the ticket as Dead then since it's not really an issue.

Mateusz Kwiatkowski
April 9, 2018, 11:56 AM

is it possible that when you've executed the test case Calculated order quantity column was visible? I think that if this column is visible Requested quantity is not required.

Won't Fix




Joanna Bebak