Can confirm a shipment with shipped quantities all zero


Currently, it is possible to confirm a shipment with all shipped quantities being zero. This does not make much sense, as there is no point to confirming a shipment if there is nothing actually shipped.

Expected Behavior:

  • During order fulfillment (i.e. on the “View Shipment” screen), after entering 0 as fill quantity for all line items, when trying to confirm the shipment, the shipment shouldn’t be confirmed. Instead, a notification that shipment confirmation had failed should occur, along with a modal with an error message stating that at least one item should have fill quantity over zero;

  • The “Fulfill Orders” screen’s appearance should be changed in such a way that it would be similar e.g. to the “Manage PoDs” screen; i.e. the “Fulfill” and “Annul” buttons would be available next to each order on the list;

  • By choosing the “Annul” option, it would be possible to get rid of a shipment that we wouldn’t want to or be able to fulfill. After confirming the annulment, the order’s status would change to “ANNULLED”;

  • No Proof of Delivery should be created after the order's annulment.

The discussion concerning the proposed solution to the issue is available here: The expected behavior was also discussed during the Product Committee meeting, the notes on which can be found here:






Łukasz Lewczyński


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