Ability to Add additional products to requisition form when hide skipped items option is selected


As a facility store in charge, I would like to be able to see an add button that would allow me to add products to my requisition that are hidden.

Acceptance Criteria:
When “hide skipped product” option is selected for the Requisition template:

  • I am able to see an “add orderables” button on the top right side of the requisition form

  • Provide visual clue at or near the button to indicate how many products are skipped

  • When I click the add orderables button, I am able to see a modal window with an alphabetically ordered list of facility approved full supply products that are not visible in my requisition

  • When I add a product, it disappears from the list in the modal window.

  • I am able to cancel the modal window without adding any product to the requisition

  • After products are selected to add to the requisition, the newly added products should appear at the top of the current page, with product categories, to provide visual clue to me

  • If navigate to another page on the requisition or if the page is refreshed, the newly added products should be displayed in its respective page based on display order

When “disable skipped product” option is selected for the requisition template:

  • I do not see the “add orderables” button


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