Fix all microservice Jasper reports to use service locale settings


Locale settings are currency, number format, datetime format, and system time zone settings.

These services are likely to have Jasper reports:

  • CCE

  • Fulfillment

  • Reference Data

  • Report

  • Requisition

  • Stock Management

Acceptance Criteria

  • Check each service's Jasper reports and see if any of them show currency, numbers, and datetimes. If so, fix the reports so these values honor the system's locale settings.


Joanna Bebak
September 28, 2018, 10:03 AM

OK, I see. I will create tickets for these two issues then, as they are not related with this ticket. I finished testing and didn't find any issues, so I'll move this ticket to done.

Paulina Buzderewicz
September 28, 2018, 9:45 AM

Ad.1 Changes made in reports didn’t affect a way to retrieve this data; they just changed its formatting style. However, to check the issue, I have run application locally without latest changes. The situation looks like this: after clicking “confirm shipment” button in ‘Fulfill Order” I’m getting en error, but there is an Order in “View Orders” anyway with lots of data I have never fulfilled. This is probably connected with Stock Management demo data.

Ad.2 This must be connected with a wrong endpoint to print PoD on “View Proof of Delivery” screen.

Joanna Bebak
September 28, 2018, 7:48 AM

1. I started testing the ticket on Chrome, and I've noticed an issue - the "Order" report doesn't work correctly neither in the PDF, nor in the CSV format. In the PDF one, the ordered quantity value doesn't match with the value that was entered in the "Fill Quantity" field when fulfilling the order. Also, the report contains also the products for which it was 0. As for the CSV one, the ordered values also don't match but unfortunately, even the products differ between the report and what was fulfilled. This didn't use to work like that - the data between the "View Shipment" screen and both reports on the "View Orders" page used to match. Please look at the attached files.
2. Also, when I click the "Print" button on the "View Proof of Delivery" screen, the report doesn't open. The new tab opens, bu then, automatically closes and only the "Proof of Delivery has been saved" notification appears. No errors are visible in the console. Printing the report from the "Manage POD" screen works correctly.



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