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Schedule Management Page for report-only periods


As an administrator, I would like to mark which period would have requisitions be converted to an order and which would not, so that I can gather report data on a different schedule from requisition/fulfillment.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. A new "report only" checkbox is created in the "add processing period" section of the "Edit Processing Schedules" modal

  2. This "report only" setting would be in its own "Requisition-specific settings" section, below the main processing period details section

  3. The default setting for "report only" is unchecked, so that orders will automatically be created at the end of requisition approvals

  4. There is a new "Report only" column in the processing period table

  5. If a processing period is created with "report only" unchecked, it should show nothing under the new period in the "report only" column

  6. If a processing period is created with "report only" checked, it should show an indicator under the new period in the "report only" column


  • The "report only" setting is stored in a processing period's extradata field, so that it is not part of the period's core schema, and is understood to be specifically for requisitions

  • This design is so that schedules for different programs can be created, and that multiple programs can share the same schedule.



Chongsun Ahn


Sam Im

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