Configuration Assistant Page


Configuration assistant page - a page in the OpenLMIS that lists what has been loaded so far; optionally it can detect missconfigurations

  • As an administrator I want to see what is configured or not configured in the system (table displays resources loaded, and #, checkbox for configured, x for not configured, resources are ordered by alphabetical order)

  • As an admin when I navigate to Administration>Configuration Status/Summary, I want to see what is misconfigured in the system that needs my attention (that I have rights to view)

  • A misconfigured resource would be processing schedules with no periods, supervisory nodes with no requisition groups.

  • Show the dependencies that are easy to understand (visual)

  • Administrator user needs access (new administration right to access this page)

  • As an admin who has rights to fix misconfigurations, a link will be displayed in the table that directs me to where I can make the necessary changes when there is a misconfiguration.

  • As an admin who does not have rights to fix a misconfiguration, I will not see the misconfigurations to fix

  • When misconfigurations are corrected, the table will update to reflect the current status.


  • Existing configuration error reports would be replaced with this solution

What are all the misconfigurations that would display on this page? Need to add in the acceptance criteria before starting on this ticket.




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Configuration Assistant Page