Sort lots for fulfillment in recommended order


As a DIVO, I want the system to show lots in recommended sort order so that I can prioritize fulfillment of orders within the FEFO and VVM status principles.

Based on rules, the system sorts the lots I can use to fill the product on the order.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Primary Sort is VVM Status.

    • Lots with VVM status 2 sort first ahead of VVM status 1 or n/a. (N/a = No associated VVM status.) Within the VVM status 2 1 or n/a, system sorts by the next sort criteria below, Expiry date.

  • Secondary Sort is by the following fields:

  1. Expiry date - recommend products/lots with an earlier expiry date (nearest expiry lots come first)

  2. -First In, First Out - recommend products/lots with an earlier delivery date- ( we crossed this one out because we are not sure what data to base this on; the date each lot was first received at my facility? or the date the lot was received at the national store? or the date the lot was entered into OpenLMIS? Let's come back to this later in OLMIS-3888)

  3. Close out a product/lot - recommend products/lots with a smaller quantity remaining, to close out a product/lot

Note: These principles of prioritizing VVM status first and then expiration date next are detailed in the WHO guidelines here, page 4:
"While the “earliest expiry, first out” principal usually applies in vaccine stock management, the status of a VVM overrules this, whereby any batch showing a darker VVM should be used sooner, regardless of a later expiry date."


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