Export reference data


As a system administrator I want to export reference data from the admin UI so that I can easily see/share the current reference data, ensure mass updates via CSV upload don't overwrite changes made via UI, and validate configuration.

The admin UI pages allow system admins to view the reference data currently configured in the system. There is not, however, an easy way to see all of the data (such as all the facilities, or all the products) that currently exist in OpenLMIS. The admin UI only shows 10 entries per page, and doesn't provide all the attributes unless the user selects 1 specific facility/user/product etc.

Admin users, therefore, don't have the ability to easily provide a list of the current reference data for other stakeholders or validation. It also makes it difficult for maintenance, because any changes made via the UI must also, as a manual, separate process, be made in the master CSV files to avoid overwriting changes.

Ideally the export would:

  • Allow a user to select a file type (excel or csv)

  • The CSV export would be in the required format to upload, so additional changes could be made directly to the file and uploaded

  • Would include the date of export for reference




Christine Lenihan