Create a simple requisition


The requisition process is split into multiple epics:

  • Configure a requisition template

  • Create a requisition

  • Authorize requisition(s)

  • Approve requisition(s)

The primary purpose of the requisition process is creating, authorizing/approving and finally converting requisition(s) into Order(s) for specific Programs at a facility. A fully approved Requisition generates an Order, which follows its own lifecycle. We will want offline support for the final requisition process.

Please note the three stories related to creating a requisition.
is the basic entity
adds a few attributes (which need to be defined in the "configuring a requisition template" step)
is the 'full' attriute list and should be addressed last.

Scope of this epic includes:
Initiating a requisition and filling out the requsition form.
Simple Requisition with the following fields:
A. Beginning Balance
B. Total Received Quantity
D. Total Losses / Adjustments
C. Total Consumed Quantity (user input and possible to calculate)
E. Stock on Hand (calculated A + B (+/-) D - C)
J. Requested Quantity (user input)
W. Requested Quantity Explanation (user input)

Letters correspond to the variable fields.

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Requisition - Creation