Improve the User Model in Superset to make it easier to assign granular access and roles


The Superset role based access controls support access to particular data sources. Additionally, we are able to support row level filtering by adding parameters to the "WHERE" clause in each SQL query. This has limitations and makes it easy to make mistakes in the system. This epic focuses on identifying a better way to manage users and roles in Superset so that administrators have more granular control like they are used to in OpenLMIS v2.

Tasks Include:

  • Review OpenLMIS v2 reporting role based access controls and scope the process of improving Superset

  • Develop features in Superset's user model for OpenLMIS

  • Develop standard roles for OpenLMIS based on the new user model

  • Document the changes and possibly commit back to Superset




Craig Appl

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Epic Name

Build New Superset User Model