Test Shipment File import should optionally support using orderable code when orderable id is not present


The shipment file import routine is capable of using order code field (when order id is not present) to find the associated order and process the shipment file if the shipment file template is configured to use order code instead of order id.
The order number uses the correct naming convention as per the order number configuration settings DONE
the order number matches an existing order number from the OpenLMIS database
error is produced if the order number has been used previously in a POD file (the order number must not be used in a previous shipment)
error is produced if the order number does not map to existing R&R in the system


  1. 1. Fulfillment services started

  2. 2. Ftp server is running

  3. 3. Fillezilla is installed, configured and running (Filezilla was used for this test). Remote server was available. Local ftp server was used.

  4. 4. Data files are created (see list below)

1. List of data files needed for testing

2. Extra data field in order file

3. missing order code (order code does not exist)

4. Valid shipment order code 1

5. valid shipment order code 2

6. valid shipment order id 1

7. valid shipment order id 2




Muhammad Ahmed




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