Electronic version of a stock card


Used to mirror the physical cards that sit in storeroom bins and serve as a log of all past ins and outs for each commodity in the storeroom. Each stock card should contains all transactions for each batch of the commodity.

Main Features

  • Configure stock card template for UI viewing

  • Conduct a physical stock count on a schedule

  • Track ins/outs of stock

    • Transfer in/out (to/from a facility within OpenLMIS and out)

    • Adjustments

  • View stock cards and stock on hand

  • Historical movements/corrections

  • Notifications on low stock

Lot management is outlined in https://openlmis.atlassian.net/browse/OLMIS-623

When planning the UIs and APIs for this functionality, it's important to review the VIMS edition of OpenLMIS for ideas.

Our goal is to create an initial electronic stock card that provides a "basic checkbook and alarm clock." This initial support may ship in v3.0 or v3.1. This initial support would provide a running balance of stock that can be adjusted up or down, and it would provide a notification when stock goes too low. We do not expect the initial version will support batches/lots, nor would it support the ad-hoc issuance/receipt features.

Some parts of this electronic stock card are blockers/prerequisites for building the Receiving functionality, see OLMIS-646.

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