Implement orderable versioning in fulfillment service


The fulfillment service classes like Orders, Shipments and Proof of Deliveries should use Orderable versioning. The implementation should follow the design established on the forum.

Acceptance criteria

  • provide orderable versioning in orders, shipments, and proofs of delivery

  • remove any snapshot orderable values

    • the response body should not be changed

  • update reports in the service to do in OLMIS-6494

  • update cross-service migration to set correct versionId for orderables in the service

  • when we create an order from a requisition orderables should have the same version


Klaudia Pałkowska
August 6, 2019, 1:01 PM

Orderable versioning is implemented properly in order, shipment and PoD. The response body hasn’t changed and the snapshotted values were removed. In this case, I’m moving the ticket to Done.



Paulina Buzderewicz


Klaudia Pałkowska