Implement UI for FTAPs


The purpose of this ticket is implementing the UI that enables managing FTAPs. The UI should apply the strategy presented on the forum.


Acceptance Criteria:

  • the Facility Types tab on Administration > Products > Edit Orderable screen should display a table of added facility type approve products

    • the table should contain three columns: Facility Type, Programs and Actions

      • only active FTAPs should be displayed

    • Actions column should contain:

      • Edit and Remove buttons if a user has FACILITY_APPROVED_ORDERABLES_MANAGE right

      • View if a user has only ORDERABLES_MANAGE right

    • Edit button should open the modal with the following fields:

      • Emergency Order Point

      • Max Periods of Stock

      • Min Periods of Stock

    • Remove button should make FTAP inactive

  • Add Facility Type Approved Product button should be displayed above the table and open the modal with all the fields mentioned above and additionally dropdown with all available (not associated) programs and a dropdown with not associated facility types

  • This screen requires FACILITY_TYPE_APPROVED_PRODUCTS _MANAGE right. Users without this right see this screen as read-only.

  • a user with the edit should save changes by clicking the Save facility types button

  • Edge cases:

    • When admin adds or removes an orderable from FTAP list, that changes future Requisitions but does not change already-initiated or historical Requisitions.

    • When admin removes an orderable from FTAP, if there is already a stock card for it in Stock Management, users are still allowed to record stock movements (issues, receipts, etc) for that product. Related to OLMIS-4080.

    • If Requisition service tries to send Stock data to Stock Management about a product no longer on the FTAP list, Stock Service would allow it. If there is already a stock card for that orderable, it records data there. If there is NOT already a stock card, Stock Management would allow a new stock card to be created for any product that used to be on any past version of the FTAP list. EG, that helps if a requisition already initiated includes that product and needs to record data about it. If the product was NEVER on the FTAP list, Stock Management gives a meaningful error message EG, "Cannot create a new stock card for Product X that has never been on the Facility Type Approved Product list for Facility Y and Program Z."

    • For products removed from FTAP list, users can still navigate to old Requisitions and will see that product and its data.

    • For products removed from FTAP list, users can still navigate to old Stock Cards and will see that product and its data.


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