Update README files for backend and UI services


README.md files in all Backend and UI services need updating. A newcomer to the project should be able to onboard more seamlessly and get to know OpenLMIS from those files.

Among known subjects to be added/expanded upon are:

  • Gradle version used in the project and version used by different IntelliJ versions (Gradle plugin error)

  • Testing a particular service using Ref-Distro by changing that service's image version in .env file - how to

  • Also testing: different logins and their usages for test applications (divo1 etc.)

  • Commenting/uncommenting spring_active_profiles Ref-Distro --> settings.env file - what, when and why to do it

  • It is also worth to consider describing each service's functionality with more details

  • How to enable annotation processing if needed

Tip: Asking new team member(s) to share their experience from onboarding time and getting familiar with the project can be helpful.

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Paweł Pinker