View Shipment: wrong lots sort order


When verifying I noticed that sorting order lots is not working as it should according to the test case.

1. Log in as divo1
2. Start physical inventory for EPI program
3. For MRK-ROTA-1-1234-ROTAM2017B select VVM status stage 2 and for MRK-ROTA-1-1234-ROTAM2017C select VVM status stage 1
4. Make sure that ROTAM2017C's Stock On Hand is higher than ROTAM2017A's
4. Go to order fulfillment
5. Start fulfillment

Current status: A lot with VVM Stage 1 status comes before a lot with no VVM Status when expiry dates are the same, even if it's SOH is higher.

Expected: Stage1 VVM Status and No VVM Status should be treated as the same in a sort order, so a lot with a smaller available SOH should come first.


  • Primary Sort is by VVM Status. Lots with VVM status 2 sort first ahead of VVM status 1 or n/a. (N/a = No associated VVM status.) Within the VVM status 1 or n/a, system sorts by the next sort criteria below, Expiry date.

  • Secondary Sort is by the following fields:

  1. Expiry date - recommend products/lots with an earlier expiry date (nearest expiry lots come first);

  2. Close out a product/lot - recommend products/lots with a smaller quantity remaining, to close out a product/lot.




Joanna Bebak
September 23, 2019, 6:11 AM

This is a duplicate of OLMIS-5175, so I'll move this issue to Dead. But you can add the additional details to the description of I think.

Won't Fix




Paweł Pinker