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With my screen’s resolution, the top 60% of each report page is devoted to menus and headers which add only minimal value to the reports themselves. The fact that just 40% of the page is devoted to the reports, which are really what matter, leaves the page feeling rather cramped.

The section of the UI highlighted in red below should be hidden.

The highlighted UI degrades the UX by:

1. Devoting significant space to redundantly showing a report/dashboard title which already appears prominently on the page.

2. Including a language control which operates independently of OpenMIS' language selector. This is disjointed and potentially confusing.

3. Including Superset's logo and all of its accompanying administrative buttons. We can do without this clutter. Power users whom need the related functionality would be better off using it directly from within Superset by following the “Esta página requer autorização…” link.

The Superset logo and buttons mentioned in #3 above can be easily hidden by appending "?standalone=true" to the end of the Superset URL built within https://github.com/OpenLMIS-Angola/angola-ui/blob/master/src/report/superset-reports.constant.js#L90.

Addressing #2 would require development and exploration. Ideally, selecting a language within OpenLMIS primary language control would update Superset's analogous control. With such functionality in place, we would ideally be able to hide Superset's version of the selector altogether.

Addressing #1 may potentially be straightforward. Superset has in-built support for custom CSS, and the screenshot below shows how to hide the relevant title via its CSS editor.


Daniel Serkowski


Daniel Serkowski




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