Propose changes to the release regression testing


During 3.7 release it was noticed that there is room for improvement in regression testing to be more effective. As a scope of this ticket one should prepare and propose changes to the release regression testing process.

A few ideas:

  • Chosen test cases could be removed (specify which ones and why)

  • Connect test cases with other ones if their scope is very close or identical (specify which ones and why)

  • Include reporting stack testing in phase 1

  • Testing could be conducted only on one browser (one could suggest which one and why as well as check when was the last time a bug existing only on one browser was reported)

  • Better coordination between team members (especially during reporting stack test cases) not to influence each others work

  • Find the best time for exploratory testing

  • Talk with participants of the previous release regression testings to gather more feedback

Acceptance criteria:

  • Changes to the regression testing process are proposed to the stakeholders and discussed (can be on Slack, can be on forum, can be during a meeting or a call)

  • After the discussion accepted solutions (if any) are introduced

  • Proper documentation is updated if necessary


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Paweł Pinker

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