Add volume and temperature info to Orderables


According to notes gathered on Volume and Temperature support page and SELV3-13, we need to introduce a couple of fields to Orderable class in Referencedata service.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • orderable model should be changed according to the following diagram:

  • this model needs some changes:

  1. BaseMeasurement and Measurement classes should be abstract

  2. BaseMeasurement class should have an abstract method getCodeListVersion declared

  3. there should be a new class that extends Measurement class - VolumeMeasurement

  4. inBoxCubeDimension field should be VolumeMeasurement type

  5. there should be 2 enum classes: TemperatureUnitCode and VolumeUnitCode, both should contain single code - CEL ( for temperature and MLT ( for volume

  6. VolumeMeasurement and TemperatureMeasurement classes should have implemented method getCodeListVersion that returns all available codes from related enums

  • changes should include new migration for the Referencedata service database

  • -2 parameters should be added to GET /api/facilities/{facilityId}/approvedProducts – minimumToleranceTemperatureGreaterEqualThan and maximumToleranceTemperatureLessEqualThan – this could be dropped if we decide that all products should be available on the UI in requisition object (this should avoid fetching orderable again and would require fewer changes but more would be done on the UI)-

  • please add basic validations for those fields (volume above 0, max temp bigger than min temp etc.)

  • all the changes should be submitted as pull requests

  • changes on the UI made in SELV3-13 now need to point to new fields added in this ticket and be moved to the core project

  • Chongsun or Josh needs to be added to the pull requests as reviewers


Aleksandra Sołtys


Aleksandra Sołtys

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