A Kit is a Product

A Kit is a Product, something that's moved through the supply chain, and not that which helps move products through the supply chain (e.g. pallet, shipment, etc).

A kit is a mix of different products. A good example of this is a first aid kit which has bandages, pain killers, and scissors within it. These items in the first aid kit are products made by someone, as is the first aid kit itself. e.g. the Ibuprofen in the first aid kit might be made by Motrin, yet the first aid kit might be made by First Aid Only. A kit usually wouldn't have only one type of product in it, as such a product is usually just considered a different level of packaging. e.g. a box containing bottles of Motrin is simply a larger packaging level of Motrin (though such a package would have a separate unique product id / GTIN).


A kit is fulfilled as part of a shipment as any other product would be. i.e. the kit is taken out of storage, put in the appropriate container for shipping, and sent. Since the kit is a product, it'll be ordered as a line-item, not ordered as separate line items, and then fulfilled as a kit.

Stock Management

A kit is delivered and received into inventory as any other product would be. After the delivery the recipient's stock is incremented as a kit (not for the constituent parts). After the kit is received into inventory, optionally the kit might be unpacked. If unpacked then the constituent parts of the kit are added into inventory, and the kit is decremented from inventory. When a kit is unpacked, it is considered as consumed, and is not associated with the consumption of its constituent parts.

Requisition / Order

A kit when being requisitioned or ordered is ordered as any-other product would be, not as implied through the ordering of constituent parts. The Average Monthly Consumption for the kit is for the kit as a product, and is not associated with the AMC of its constituent parts. If the kit, and a product similar to one of the kit's constituent parts, are both on separate line items, then the kit and the other product are considered separate products and aren't related in terms of consumption or re-order calculations.




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