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On SIGLUS, to address certain problems and better manage the stock of each facility, the archive product function was designed, in order to allow facility user to archive a product from the SOH of their own facility(the product should not belong to a KIT and it should be out of stock). *The archived product will not display in the SOH list after archiving. In addition, it will not be requested in the regular requisition, but the facility user still have ability to add it back to SOH or request an archived product in requisition by manually add it to requisition.

This is often used on some program based faciities where a certain product is only available at a certain period of time or when a specialist is available at the facility to administer it.*

Facility user is allowed to activate archived product and add it back to SOH manually. Besides, an archived product can be automatically activated in the following situations:

• the facility user receives an archived product and make receive/adjustment for it
• the facility user adds an archived product to the physical inventory and submit it
• the facility user adds an archived products in the requisitions and submit it

The archive product action will not affect the master data, for example, if facility A archived a product, the other facilities can still use this product and not be influenced.

In Summary
For all product which do not belong to a KIT(not essential medicine) and their current SOH is 0(out of stock), a facility user has the ability to archive this product(rather than lot) when they open the stock card for the product.

A detailled overview of this feature and how it's implemented can be found here: [^SIGLUS Functionality Specification - Archive Product_0902[2].pdf]

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