A redundant scrollbar appears in tables on some screens


During RC regression tests, I noticed that an unnecessary scrollbar occurs in some tables on several screens. It should not be present, as the tables should have sufficient size. Please look at the attached screenshots and video.

Example reproduction steps:

  1. Log into the application as administrator.

  2. Go to Administration > Supply Lines.

  3. Use the pagination.

  4. The redundant scrollbar occurs.

  5. Go to Requisitions > Create/Authorize.

  6. Initiate an emergency requisition.

  7. Start adding products.

  8. The redundant scrollbar occurs in the modal.

  9. Go to Administration > Products.

  10. Click the “Edit” button next to e.g. 10 TREE MIX.

  11. Go to the “Facility Types” tab.

  12. The redundant scrollbar occurs.

  13. Go to Receive/Physical inventory/Adjustments/Stock on Hand ( Firefox browser)

  14. The redundant scrollbar occurs

Expected results:

  • The scrollbar should not be present.






Joanna Bebak