Transfer and verification of test cases


This ticket is about transferring and verifying test cases.

The list of test cases for transfer is available below: %3D OLMIS AND issuetype %3D Test AND status in (RoadMap%2C "To Do") ORDER BY created DESC

Acceptance criteria:
Verification of the validity of test cases.
Transfer of test cases to the QAlity application.
Updating steps - if applicable.
For each test case, add a comment regarding previously performed test cycles (whether they passed or not).
Combined test cases transferred to the QAlity with bugs and tasks.

Definition of Done:

  • The test cases have been rewritten.

  • Test Plan is updated.

  • Documentation is updated.


Paulina Buzderewicz
November 30, 2020, 11:06 AM

I have verified 10 randomly chosen QAlity test cases and they were properly transferred.

There are no more Zephyr tests with “Roadmap” or “To Do” status. All of them have the "Dead" status.

Therefore, I’m moving the ticket to Done.

Joanna Szymańska
November 30, 2020, 7:56 AM

All points from Definition of Done have been completed.



Joanna Szymańska


Joanna Szymańska